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I have specialized training in Child Therapy, working with children and their parents or caregivers, and have experience with the following issues:


   * childhood emotional and behavioral problems  (see Child Therapy page)


   * childhood traumatic experiences including sexual or physical abuse


   * parenting issues


   * childhood attachment issues, foster care, adoption


   * divorce, blended families, transition issues



In addition to Child Therapy, I also work with people of all ages to help them heal from painful trauma or  losses, cope with difficult circumstances, improve relationships, or resolve problem issues in the following areas:


   * depressed mood, anxiety, grief (including loss of loved one to   
     homicide or suicide)


   * traumatic experiences including childhood sexual or physical abuse


   * survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault or other violence


   * LGBTIQQ issues, (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, intersex, queer or questioning)


   * substance abuse recovery issues


   * coping with the mental illness of a loved one


Currently, my focus is on children, but I will make space when available for adults in one of the following under-served catagories:

A transgender woman of color
A refugee from war or from LGBT persecution
An exonerated person who spent years in prison for a crime that they did not commit.


If you want therapy for a child, or if you want therapy for yourself and meet one of the three criteria listed above, call me at (510) 672-0772 or email me at

I also provide clinical consultation to therapists, particularly regarding cases in which the client is a child.






                                                              may each step in your journey bring you closer to yourself

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