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Play is the primary way that children explore and express their feelings and many of their thoughts.  If you ask a child “why” they did something “naughty,” they usually will not be able to tell you.  Often they do not know the reasons for their behavior, and further, they do not know how to explain themselves in words. 


Child Therapy provides a supportive therapeutic environment where children can express their feelings through play and/or art, work in these mediums to untangle inner conflicts and difficult emotions, and gradually learn more about their feelings and how to express them in words, rather than acting them out.  In Child Therapy, therapeutically useful toys and art materials are essential in providing children with what they need to communicate complex emotional experience for which they do not have adequate words.


Child Therapy works best when the child can attend consistently week after week, and the parent or caregiver also participates in the therapy through regular meetings with the therapist.  Depending on the child and the problem, child therapy can take anywhere from a few months to a few years.  Frequently, childhood problems and issues can be addressed or resolved with child therapy lasting between 6 and 24 months.  However, children who have experienced intense loss or trauma, or who are reacting to an on-going environmental stressor may need therapy for many years.





I work with children of all ages, providing child-centered  relational play therapy, and utilizing sand tray and expressive arts, as well as listening and talking.  I use a range of techniques according to the needs of the child in each phase of therapy.  I meet with the child’s parent(s) or caregiver(s) once a month or more, to discuss the child’s needs, progress, and ways that we can work as a team to help the child achieve the goals that we are working on in the Child Therapy both at home and at school. 

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